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CTV Television Network, 1990. VHS cassette, 23:30 min., $195.00. (Wonder Why, 12).
Distributed by CTV Program Sales, 42 Charles St. E., Toronto, Ontario M4Y1T5.

Grades 2 to 6/Ages 7 to 11
Reviewed by Roy Hunter.

Volume 19 Number 3
1991 May

The CTV series "Wonder Why" is a well-known children's science program. The material is well researched, factual and current.

The subject of this episode is "the past." This concept is examined from the recent past (one hundred years ago) to the distant past (millions of years ago). Clues to investigating the past such as library research, historical documents and fossil examination are all illustrated.

The purpose of this program is to clarify the concept of past time. This goal has been met very well in this episode. The use of young people as detectives investigating the past and the experts interviewed make the material relatively easy to understand for the intended audience.

The above mentioned techniques and good visual material succeed in generat­ing interest in this topic. Many ques­tions are addressed and answered in an understandable form. The material is well organized, following a journey from near past to distant past. The quality of the audio-visual material is high, and the material is relatively concise.

Considering the fact that the only material included is a relatively short video tape, the cost is rather excessive.

Roy Hunter, Innisdale Secondary School, Barrie, Ont.
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