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CBC Enterprises, 1990. VHS cassette, 30:00 min., $109.00
Distributed by CBC Educational Sales, Box 500, Station A, Toronto, Ont. M5W 1E6

Grades 4 to 6/Ages 9 to 11
Reviewed by Jan Addy.

Volume 19 Number 5
1991 October

"Wonderstruck" is a dynamic children's science show conceived, designed and produced entirely in Canada. It is specifically intended for children in grades 4 and up and, as the title implies, views the world through a child's inquisitive and wondering eyes. The show was first proposed in 1985, and to date has well over 150 shows to its credit.

The Cold Show is part of the series "The Wonderstruck Specials" and should not be confused with the educa­tional packages "Wonderstruck Presents." The "Specials" are the most recent video releases of the television show "Wonderstruck"" and are repre­sentative of an entire show as seen on CBC. Releases for 1991 also include Baffin Island, The Environment Show, Recycling, The Space Show and Yellowknife.

The Cold Show deals specifically with the word cold in all its permutations: What does it mean to have a cold stare? Why can't doctors cure a "common" cold? What is a cold front? How do animals and humans adapt to the cold? and Why is space referred to as cold?

Bob McDonald, the host of "Wonderstruck," examines, explores and explains all of these questions in a simple and eloquent manner that will make children laugh and learn at the same time.

"Wonderstruck" offers science in digestible bites. Most children only want a simple answer to a seemingly simple question, and this show follows that concept. By encouraging reading and experimentation, the show also offers children the opportunity to explore further on their own. The visual and audio production of this show, and all in the series, are excellent, consider­ing the majority of the shows are shot originally oh video.

As an addition to a school library or public library's science for children collection, the "Wonderstruck Specials" won't leave you out in the cold. They are a truly excellent purchase, and will be worth their weight in gold during science fair time.

Jan Addy, Barrie Public Library, Barrie, Ont.
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