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Toronto, Canadian Almanac & Directory Publishing Co., 1991. 1376pp, cloth, $129.95, ISBN 1-895021-05-7. CIP

Grades 10 and up/Ages 15 and up

Reviewed by P.J. Hummel

Volume 20 Number 4
1992 September

The publisher's blurb accompanying the review copy proclaims this "The only desk reference you need for quick access to names and addresses of Canadian organizations, legal services, government departments and much, much more." For all intents and purposes it is a reasonable claim.

In the foreword, this, the 145th edition of the directory, suggests that it reflects national and international interest in these prominent issues: constitutional future of Canada, native rights, and environmental concerns. Certainly two new categories in Section 2, "Aboriginal Organizations" and "Environmental Organizations," would bear out this claim. In addition to the general enhancement of information, another innovation is the inclusion, where appropriate, of FAX numbers.

A quick comparison with the 1991 edition shows little change in the organization of the work. The foreword is followed by the table of contents a subdivided list of the main divisions of each of the sections in numerical order; the "Alphabetical Fastfinder" an alphabetical index of more commonly used entries; the "Topical Table of Contents" subjects and subdivisions of subjects suggesting information that might be spread over more than one section; "Frequently Used Information" some fourteen headings (e.g., "Associations," "Cities and Towns," "Statistics") with reference to appropriate sections and page numbers.

The body of the work is divided into the same seven sections; each has an "including" note to identify the major subject areas of the section. This year Section 2 has an introductory note and an index of associations. Each section has its own pagination.

The index consists of sixty-three pages of subjects and subdivisions in very fine print. An editor's note provides an explanation regarding key words used for entry purposes.

An addendum provides information omitted from the original entry or correcting information reported erroneously in the original entry; some forty-eight entries are noted. Unofficial results of the Ontario municipal elections are included. Under the heading of "Additional Stop the Press Info" is included the British Columbia Executive Council, the Saskatchewan Executive Council, and an additional two corrections.

P.J. Hummel is with the College of Education at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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