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Produced by Keith Turner, Bryan Johnson and Ralph A, McCulley; Directed by Keith Turner
Turner McCulley Productions / In ternational
Coalition for Land/Water Stewardship in the
Red River Basin, n.d. VHS cassette, 28 min.,
$159.00. Distributed by McIntyre Media, 30
Kelfield St., Rexdale, Ont. M9W 5A2.

Subject Headings:
Sustainable development.
Conservation of natural resources.
Water conservation.

Grades 6-10 / Ages 11-15

Reviewed by Patricia Miller

Volume 22 Number 1
1994 January / February

WaterWorks is a live-action video that uses the Red River and its Winnipeg environs as a focus for introducing students to the concept of sustainable development, particularly the sustainability of water resources.

Miriam, the program host, ushers viewers through five "WaterWorks" themes--spaceship earth, the importance of water, the water cycle, human objectives, and major water pollutants--in order to stimulate their interest in and foster an understanding of interrelationships between human activity and the environment.

Two school classes, a grade 7 science class and a grade 8 social studies class, are shown responding to questions and issues raised, or getting involved in field activities related to preserving water quality. Unfortunately, a little too much of the "action" takes place in the classroom as the students address discussion questions; if I were a student viewing this tape in class I think I'd prefer to be shown less of someone else's classroom. In addition, as with any footage involving "real" people, it's often difficult to make out exactly what is being said.

Of more interest are the scenes in the field in which students take part in actual testing of water quality. It's also very satisfying when a group of young students eagerly pitches in to clean up the water bodies in their community.

WaterWorks investigates each of the five themes thoroughly and succeeds in elucidating the somewhat absract concept of sustainable development so that students from grades 6 to 10 can relate to it.

Recommended for school library purchase.

Patricia Miller is the Manager at Whalley Branch, Surrey Public Library, Surrey, British Columbia

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