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Animals Do, Too! How They Behave Just Like You.

Etta Kaner. Illustrated by Marilyn Faucher.
Toronto, ON: Kids Can Press, 2017.
32 pp., hardcover, $17.95.
ISBN 978-1-77138-569-5.

Subject Heading:
Animal behavior-Juvenile literature.

Kindergarten-grade 2 / Ages 5-7.

Review by Ellen Heaney.

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Do you like to dance? Honeybees do, too!

Honeybees dance to tell other bees how to find a tasty meal, like a flower with lots of sweet nectar. If the flower is close by, the bee dances in a circle. If itís farther away, the bee does a waggle dance in the shape of an 8. The bee can also show the direction of the nectar by angling its body toward or away from the sun.


Throughout this lively informational picture book, the day-to-day activities of children are likened to the routines of groups of animals in the wild. Gazelles play tag, gray tree frogs blow bubbles, and flamingoes turn to others of their flock to babysit their chicks while they hunt for food.

     Each activity gets two double spreads, with humans or animals shown in warm colours with carefully-detailed backgrounds. First the children Ė dancing, playing tag, working in a garden. Then the corresponding animal species which, although depicted with a certain level of naturalism, often bears the smiles or body attitudes more associated with people. Does an adult flamingo really cradle a flamingo chick like that and use its wing feathers to pat it on the back? The overall tone of the book is one of busy good humour.

     Much of Etta Kanerís work, such as Have you Ever Seen A Duck in a Raincoat? and Animal Defenses: How Animals Protect Themselves, have been published by Kids Can over the last 25 years and already have a place on library shelves. Kaner has worked with a number of different illustrators, and here she is paired with talented young Quebec graphic artist Marilyn Faucher whose work to date has been mainly in the commercial illustration field.

     Animals Do, Too! is an interesting addition for primary libraries which need nature study books in picture book format.


Ellen Heaney is a retired childrenís librarian living in Coquitlam, BC.

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