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Kari Rust.
Toronto, ON: Owlkids Books, 2017.
40 pp., hardcover, $18.95.
ISBN 978-1-77147-252-4.

Preschool-grade 2 / Ages 4-7.

Review by Roxy Garstad.

**** /4



The following day, the Duke saw a chance for mischief.

And for the first time, Tricky realized that what they were doing was WRONG.

Tricky tells the heartwarming story of how an old dog, Tricky, and his master, the Duke, overcome their thieving ways. A favourite locale for their shenanigans is the local bakery where this cunning duo pulls out all the stops to steal bread. But one day, a new baker shows kindness toward Tricky who is then plagued with second thoughts. His guilty feelings gradually turn into anger toward the Duke, and to make a grand statement, Tricky wreaks havoc on his owner's home. Escaping the Duke, Tricky takes up residence with the baker, leaving his owner alone to contemplate his evil deeds. Eventually, the Duke understands Tricky's lesson and stops his thieving. Both Tricky and the Duke prove that it is possible to "teach an old dog new tricks."

internal art      This book is a delight to read, with a fast paced and amusing story. The illustrations are hand drawn and digitally coloured. Facial expressions are detailed and exactly right for this story while body shape evokes a sense of movement and drama. With relatively few sentences per page, Tricky proves to be quick and entertaining. An added advantage is that it presents a life lesson in a light hearted manner. Tricky is a book for all children's collections.

Highly Recommended.

Roxy Garstad is the Collections Librarian at MacEwan University in Edmonton, AB.

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