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The Canadian Catholic Historical Association
St. Michael's College 81 St.Mary Street, Toronto, ONT., M5S 1J4
Telephone: (905) 893-9754

A National Society For the Promotion of Interest in
the History of the Canadian Catholic Church

Founded 3 June 1933

CCHA Historical Studies, Volume 75 (2009)

The first part of Volume 75 Historical Studies, starts with the following article:

2009 Conference Keynote Presentation

Bishop Remi J. De Roo, Retired (1999) Bishop of Victoria
Proclaiming a Prophetic Vision: Blessed John XXIII and the Second Vatican Council
Click here for a copy in .pdf format.

Articles which follow:

Mark G. McGowan “The Fulton Sheen Affair: Religious Controversy, Nationalism, and Commercialism in the Early Years of Canadian Television, 1952-1958”
Click here for a copy in .pdf format.

Stéphane-D. Perreault “National Identities on Display: Québec’s Deaf Schools at the World’s Columbian Exposition, 1893”

David Webster “Canadian Catholics and the East Timor Struggle, 1975-99”

Jacqueline Gresko “O’Melia San and the Catholic Japanese Mission,Vancouver, B.C”

The second part of Volume 75 is a bilingual 36-page "Current Bibliography of Canadian Religious History / Bibliographie récente d'histoire religieuse du Canada."

The third part of Volume 75 is the current issue of Études d'histoire religieuse, the journal published by the Société canadienne d'histoire de l'Église catholique, the French-language section of our association.

To read a sample article from Historical Studies, click here (pdf format)

To obtain copies of this volume:
Email or Write to Valerie Burke (see below), St. Michael's College, 81 St. Mary Street, Toronto, ON, M5S 1J4. Send a cheque or money order for $25 in Canadian Funds for orders from Canadian postal addresses. For other addresses, send $40 in U.S. funds.

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