University of Manitoba Wireless Locations on Campus

NEW WIRELESS: The University of Manitoba has been deploying new wireless across campus.

CLICK HERE for an update and see which buildings now feature wireless.

Wireless networking is being deployed by IST in conjunction with the following departments, faculties, and libraries at the University of Manitoba on a building by building basis.

Bannatyne Campus
Apotex Centre All levels
Basic Medical Sciences Building All levels
Basic Sciences All levels
Brodie Building All levels
Chown Building A106 Boardroom
A228 Chown Library
Dentistry Building All levels
Medical Rehab Building All levels
Medical Services Building 000 level
100 level
200 level


Fort Garry Campus
Aboriginal House All levels
Agriculture All levels & Lecture Block
Agriculture Engineering All levels
Animal Science All levels
Crop Technology Buildings All levels
C.A.S.T. All levels
Dafoe Library All levels
Drake (Asper School of Business) All levels
EITC-E1 All levels
EITC-E2 All levels
EITC-E3 All levels
Ellis All levels
Extended Education 100 level
Fitzgerald All levels
Fletcher Argue All levels
Frank Kennedy All levels & Pool
Helen Glass All levels
Human Ecology All levels
Investors Group Athetic Centre All levels
Isbister All levels
Machray Hall
Study Carrels:
200 level
200 level
300 level
400 level
500 level
Max Bell All levels
McMath High Voltage Lab All levels
Music All levels
Parker All levels
Plant Science All levels 
Robson Hall All levels
Russell Building All levels
St. Paul's  
Tier All levels
University Centre
200 level
300 level
500 level
University College All levels
Wallace Building
200 level 400 level


Mon - Fri: 8am to 8pm
204-474-8600 or
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Fort Garry
123 Fletcher Argue
Mon - Fri: 8am to 8pm

230 Neil John Maclean Library
Mon - Fri: 8am to 4:30pm

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