Secured Wireless Network (uofm-secure) setup for iPad / iPhone / iPod

The following instructions cover the basic installation and specific setup for connecting your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to the uofm-secure secured wireless network.

 Connecting to the U of M Secure secure wireless network

To begin, click on the Settings icon from your home screen.


Select Wi-Fi from the left-hand side menu.

Tap uofm-secure to connect to it. Note that you must be in an area where uofm-secure is available.
See our list of wireless locations for information on where wireless is available.

When prompted,

Students: enter your myumanitoba email address and password

enter password

Staff: enter your umnetid and password


Click Join

You will be prompted to verify the U of M certificate.
Click the Accept button.

You're done! You should now be able to check email and browse the Internet.

If you require any assistance getting connected, please contact the IST Service Desk


Important Note on saved passwords

Your username and password will be saved to your device until you remove it.
If you are lending your device to someone, or borrowed a device from someone else, we highly recommend removing your saved username and password (see next section) when you're finished with the device.

Click on the Settings icon from the home screen


Select Wi-Fi from the left-hand side menu. Click on the blue arrow beside uofm-secure.


Click Forget this Network

Your device will no longer have your username or password saved and connect automatically.



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