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Who is impacted?

1. Who is affected by the new retiree email solution? The new retire email solution will apply to retired Support staff and retired Academic staff, with the exception of those holding post-retirement academic appointments.

2. Does the new retiree email solution apply to Emeritus and Senior Scholars? Retirees with Emeritus or Senior Scholar appointments will be treated as if they are active employees. In other words, they will be able to keep their active employee email accounts. In the case of Emeritus, this is a lifetime appointment so retirees with Emeritus appointments will permanently keep their active employee accounts.
Those with Senior Scholar appointments will move to the new retiree email solution once their appointments expire.

3. Does the new retiree email solution apply only to Academic retirees who are members of University of Manitoba Retiree Association (UMRA)? The new retiree email solution will apply both UMRA and non-UMRA members.

4. Is retiree email mandatory? Retiree email is not mandatary. It is an optional service offering to all University of Manitoba retirees.


5. When will retiree email be available? Retiree email will be available on May 4, 2016. You will receive an email from the Service Desk before this date providing you with details on how to obtain a retiree email account.

Terms and Conditions

6. What are the terms and conditions related to the use of retiree email? The retiree email account may be used for personal purposes. Retired Academic staff may also use the account for continuing their scholarly work. The account is not to be used in association with the operation of a business or other commercial operation, whether or not such operation is for profit.

Please see the Terms of Use for the Retiree Email Account 

Email Forwarding

7. Why did the University change its approach and decide not to provide email forwarding to either group of retirees? Since announcing retiree email in January 2016, concerns have been expressed with regards to the differential treatment between retired Support Staff and retired Academic Staff, specifically around email forwarding.

In consultation with key stakeholder groups and after careful consideration, the University of Manitoba has determined that it will not provide email forwarding for neither retired Support Staff nor retired Academic staff (without ongoing post-retirement appointments) to ensure equitable treatment across retirees and to minimize risk to the University.

Both groups of staff (Support and Academic) have been involved in the day to day operations of the University, whether it is on a University-wide or faculty-specific basis – including managing human resources, finances, technology, etc. The risk that people who are unaware that an individual has retired will continue to send them business-related emails, or that the retiree will inadvertently remain on one of our many mailing lists which receive confidential information, is very similar for both groups. Having any retirees continue to receive email related to University business puts the University at risk from a security, liability and compliance perspective and therefore email forwarding will be discontinued as part of the Retiree Email Project.

8. Will I continue to receive emails sent to my previous University email address? Your active employee email account will be disabled on June 15, 2016, at which point you will no longer have access to the contents of that mailbox. Forwarding will not be provided so emails sent to your disabled email account will not be forwarded to your retiree mailbox.

To support you in the transition process, the University will have dedicated IT Support resources available to assist with setting up your retiree email account and moving any personal emails and emails related to scholarly work to your retiree mailbox.

The University will also turn on a custom ‘retirement notification message’, which will advise anyone who sends an email to your previous email address of your retiree email address. The custom message will notify each unique email sender of your new email address on a one-time basis only. For existing retirees, this service will be in place until June 2017. For new retirees (retiring after May 4, 2016), this service will be in place for a one year period from the date of their retirement.

9. What emails can I move from my previous University email account to my retiree email account? You may move personal emails or emails related to your scholarly work from your previous employee email account to your retiree email account.

You are responsible to ensure that only your own personal emails or emails related to your scholarly work are transferred to and retained in the retiree email account. You should not move information regarding University business to your retiree email account or retain such information within that account. The collection and retention of personnel information (including about students and employees of the University), or confidential business information about the University, within a retiree email account is prohibited.

Retiree Email Addresses

10. Will I get a new email address? If you want a retiree email address, one will be provided to you.

Your new retiree email will be This format was selected to be as close as possible to active employee email accounts.

11. Will you ensure that the @umr address reflects my current alias? Your retiree email address will be created by signUM the University’s identity management system, using

For example, if your name in signUM is Robert Smith, your retiree email will automatically be If you go by the name of Bob Smith and want your retiree email address to be, you can call the Service Desk to have your retiree address changed.

12. Will you ensure that if there are two Robert Smith retirees, that their email addresses won't be switched? Addresses may get switched due to the way that email addresses are generated. If two people have the same first and last name in signUM (Eg. Bob Smith), the first one to retire will get the address. The second one will get

Help and Support

13. Once retirees have moved to the new system, do they continue to contact IST for help? If you require support with your retiree email, you can contact the Service Desk at 204-474-8600.

14. Is there a migration program to automatically move the contents of my current mailbox to my new retiree mailbox? If so, does this program also move the content of the calendar, contacts, tasks, preferences, etc.?
Contents of mailboxes, including contacts, tasks, etc. cannot be moved automatically. It is a manual process.

IT Support personnel will be available to assist you with moving any personal emails or emails related to your scholarly work to your retiree mailbox.

Technical Information

15. What is Office 365 Email and Calendar? Microsoft Office 365 is a web-based suite of services from Microsoft. The email and calendar service offers secure, anytime, anywhere access and includes the following:

• Email storage space
• Calendar - manage your schedule, book meetings, share your calendar with others
• Tasks - create daily to-do lists and set reminders
• Contacts - store your contacts and then access them from any computer or mobile device

16. What is the storage space limit for email?
The storage space limit is 50 GB.

17. Will both POP and IMAP email clients be supported?
Yes. POP and IMAP email clients will be supported.

18. Will encrypted (SSL) access to the email servers be supported?
Yes. Encrypted access to email servers will be supported.

19. What email clients and browsers are supported?
Email programs:


20. Will retirees be provided with any email client software, and if so, which? Will retirees get access to the full Office 365 itself or is that only for students and/or active staff?
Retiree email will be accessible through a browser. The University will not provide retirees with any email client software. However, if you do have email client software installed on your computer, you can use it to access retiree email.

The full Office 365 suite of applications is only accessible to students or active staff as part of our licensing agreement.

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