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Research Computing

Research Computing includes tools such as computer processing, memory capability, network connectivity, data storage and data backup for computationally-intensive jobs to provide you with the required technology to pursue your research.  Request assistance and report performance issues experienced while using Computational Clusters, WestGrid.

  • Dedicated Compute (Virtual Servers)
    • IST operates a large virtual server hosting environment. This allows you to create Windows and Linux compute virtual machines that are private to you and your team.
  • Shared Compute
    • Computing facilities with multiple servers are available to you for processing computationally intensive jobs and for teaching purposes.  These servers are open to anyone who has a University of Manitoba computer account (UMNetID).
  • WestGrid/ComputeCanada
    • Westgrid is a consortium of Western Canadian universities and other partners that provides high performance computing resources for Canadian research projects. Westgrid is an integral part of the National Computing Platform of ComputeCanada. It encompasses 14 partner institutions in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.  University of Manitoba is a major Westgrid Site which hosts a 4000-core general-purpose supercomputer called Grex, and provides Research Computing support. Find information and assistance with accessing Westgrid/ComputeCanada, submitting jobs, installing software, parallel programming, and receiving training.
  • WestGrid Collaboration and Visualization
    • WestGrid is an advanced collaboration and visualization facility available to researchers for research related activities, such as meetups of distributed research teams, distributed seminar series/lectures/tutorials and thesis defences. The main collaboration technologies are Vidyo and IOCOM which go beyond the capabilities of traditional videoconferencing. The facility is also equipped with a stereoscopic projector that can be used for scientific 3D visualization.

Enterprise Solutions (aka Enterprise Applications)

Explore the services and support options available for development, consulting, upgrades, hosting, database support, and report development. This includes specialized application support for the systems and tools used for business and administration at the University of Manitoba.

Any requests determined to be longer than 20 days will require a project request submission.  Please see IT Governance.


Find support for all communications services, including e-mail, internet and network access, and telephone services. Explore help options when creating shared resources with Microsoft Exchange and Office365. Report email issues and find answers and assistance for video conferencing and BELL conferencing services.

Other Support

Tools and services available to support your research and educational projects including Gartner Core IT Research and desktop and laptop software licence options.


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