Key Features and Benefits
A UMNetID is an account name that uniquely identifies you as a member of the University of Manitoba community. It is visible in University of Manitoba business systems and reports and may be viewed by university staff. Your UMNetID and password supply your online credentials and allow you to access various online services and systems such as JUMP, UM Learn, E-Mail, and WIFI.

The University of Manitoba’s password standard and computer accounts usage agreement require everyone to change passwords and re-accept the usage agreement on an annual basis.

Getting Started
Visit and click 'Create UMnetID'. Fill out your last name, student/staff number, and your date of birth.

Follow through the next few steps, where you will need to:

  1. Read and Accept the Usage Agreement.
  2. Answer all security questions, in the event you need to reset your password in the future.
  3. Set a password that meets the following conditions:
    • Consist of a minimum of 10 characters (max 30)
    • Contain at least three of the following four character types:
      • Upper case characters
      • Lower case characters
      • Numerical characters
      • Special characters (_ # $ %  ( ) . ^ { } ~ ! -)
    • Be different from the previous 5 passwords
Please note that your password may be in the form of a passphrase - for example, "IamGr8erthanu."

When finished, you will get access to default computer accounts in the next 10 to 20 minutes. Optional resources can be claimed in SignUM.

For more information on what accounts are now available to you, click here.

To ensure security, do not share your password.

If you need further assistance you can view videos demonstrating the process.

For employees:

For students:

How to Add Resources

How to Reaccept Usage Agreement in SignUM


Available to
Students, Staff, Faculty

You must have a valid student ID or employee number. A student that accepts their offer of admission can activate their UMNetID after 48 hours. Employees must be processed through Human Resources.

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