Key Features and Benefits
When you have legally changed your name and have updated your personal information with the Registrars' Office (Student) and Human Resources (Staff), you may also update your UMNetID and display name in university systems by submitting a service request.

What is a preferred name?
The U of M recognizes that as a community many of its members use names other than their legal names to identify themselves.  A preferred is a name that you commonly use that is different from your legal name. Any person who wants to use their legal name can continue to do so.

Preferred Names are displayed in only the following systems:
Aurora SSB (Banner), Employee Self Service (ESS), Active Directory and email Global Address List, ID Works, IntelliLeisure (Kinrec), SignUM (includes libraries, Jump and IPA/Unix), UMLearn, UMCommunityLink.

Getting Started
Legal Name Change
If you have changed your legal name, you must complete a name change with either the Registrars' Office (for Students) or Human Resources (for Faculty and Staff). More information can be found at:

Once the legal name change records are updated, you may create an IT Ticket to request a (legal) name change in the university systems including your UMNetID.

Preferred Name Change
To setup and update your preferred name:

  1. Sign in to JUMP at with your UMNetID and password
  2. Faculty and Staff:
    • Click on the STAFF tab, select the Employee Self-Service Quick Link; click on Personal Information and update Preferred First Name or Preferred Surname, click on Save.
  3. Students:
    • Click on the STUDENT tab, select AURORA and log in with your student number and PIN; click on Personal Information and then Set Preferred Name. Update Preferred First Name or Preferred Surname, click on Submit.

Available to
Students, Staff, Faculty

Your legal name change must be completed with the Registrars office (students), or Human Resources (faculty and staff).

No charge for name change. Replacement Identity Card costs $21.50.


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