Key Features and Benefits
The key features and benefits of the most used tools outside of the Microsoft 365 core application suite are listed below:

Forms - Create surveys, quizzes, polls and easily see results in real time.

OneNote – Capture and organize all your notes. Accessible from anywhere using OneNote Online or from a desktop or mobile app.

Planner – Create plans, organize and assign tasks, share files and get progress updates

Project – Develop project plans, assign tasks, track progress and manage budgets. Note: An additional license is required to use Project.

Stream – Share videos of classes, meetings, presentations and training sessions.

Sway – Create and share interactive reports, presentations and personal stories.

To Do – Plan and manage your day. Connect to Microsoft To Do to manage your tasks from various services.

An additional license required to use the following Microsoft products:

Project – Develop project plans, assign tasks, track progress and manage budgets. Review Project pricing and information.

Visio – Create flow charts and creatively visualize data using templates, starter diagrams and stencils. Compare Visio versions and features.

Getting Started
Start using one of the other tools in Microsoft 365


  1. Open a web-browser on your device and navigate to
  2. Sign-in using your UM email address and password. The Office 365 home page will open and display your most recently used applications and documents.
  3. To launch any application not displayed on the Home page, click on the App launcher icon in the top-left corner of the page.


Move a OneNote notebook to OneDrive

To move a notebook to OneDrive if you originally created the notebook on your computer, do the following:

  1. In OneNote 2016 or OneNote 2013, open the notebook that you want to share on OneDrive.
  2. Select File > Share.
  3. Select a location for your notebook, or select Add a Place, and then sign into your OneDrive account.
  4. Enter a name for your notebook (if you like, you can keep the name it already has), and then select Move Notebook.
  5. After you see the location in the list, select it.
  6. OneNote moves the notebook from your computer to OneDrive and confirms the move with the message: “Your notebook is now syncing to the new location.”

Microsoft tutorials:

OneNote help & learning - Microsoft Support

For help with:

Getting started
Taking notes
Formatting notes
Sharing and syncing your notes
Tips on staying organized



Microsoft tutorials:
Forms help & learning - Microsoft Support

Find help with:

Creating new surveys or quizzes
Enhancing a form with pictures or logos
Sharing and collaborating with forms
Printing, copying and deleting forms


Microsoft tutorials:
Planner help & learning - Microsoft Support

Find help with:
Getting started
Working together in Planner
Using Planner in Microsoft Teams
Managing your plans
Deleting a plan


Microsoft tutorials
Microsoft Stream help & learning - Microsoft Support

Find help with:
Getting started
Creating content
Sharing your videos
Discovering new content
Managing and editing videos


Microsoft tutorials:
Sway help & learning - Microsoft Support

Find help with:
Getting started
Adding content
Sharing your project

To Do

Microsoft tutorials:
To Do help & learning - Microsoft Support

Find help with:
Getting started
Working with lists
Working with tasks
To Do integrations

Project for the Web

Note: An individual license must be purchased to use Project for the web
Microsoft tutorials:
Project help & learning - Microsoft Support
When to use Microsoft Project, Planner, or To Do

Find help with:
Getting started
Building and organizing projects
Sharing projects

Additional help and training
Visit the Microsoft 365 Training website for short ’how to’ videos, infographics, quick start guides and more.

Available to

Staff, Faculty and Students

A Valid UMNetID is required

Office 365 is designed to work best with Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise for Windows and Mac. Previous versions of Office, such as Office 2013, Office 2010, Office 2007, and Office for Mac 2011 are not supported, please upgrade to Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise. [link to upgrade instructions]

For the best security and functionality, keep your web browser up to date. All modern browsers should update automatically, but please make sure your browser has auto-updates enabled.

For information on which browsers, Office clients, and apps are supported for Office 365, please visit the Office 365 System Requirements page on the Microsoft website.

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