Key Features and Benefits
The compute environment consists of 15 Dell R815 servers arranged as follows:
- 3 login servers: mars/Jupiter/ .  These 3 servers are also known as (DNS round robin)
- 12 compute servers:

Getting Started

Compute resources can be utilized by following any of the approaches below:

  1. 1. Via ssh.
    1. If you have access to a UNIX/Linux shell, try: “ssh
    2. Configure your SSH client (e.g. Putty) to access using umnetid
      Once you are logged in, you can use a similar approach to access the rest of the compute cluster.
  2. Via the ThinLinc client, which provides you access to a Linux desktop environment.  Download a ThinLinc client to your workstation and ssh into the compute nodes (e.g. “ssh”).  Since storage is provided via NFS, you will have access to your home directory from both the login nodes and the compute nodes.
  3. Via a ThinLinc web client, you can utilize compute resources directly from your browser. The web client performance is not as fast as the ThinLinc client.
    Create an IT ticket to request further assistance.

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