Jabber Installation Instructions - Windows Software Center

1.    Click Start, type in Software

2.    Click on Software Center
software center

3.    In Software Center click the Check Box to the left of Cisco Jabber 11.5 or simply the click Jabber.

4.    At the bottom right click Install or Install Selected
available software

5.    Installing.
installation status

6.    Once its Installed, simply close Software Center.

7.    Open the Jabber app on your desktop.
windows jabber

8.    Enter your UmnetID and Password.  You can select the checkmark next to Sign me in when Cisco Jabber starts.

9.    If you see the window, just click Cancel.
add locations

10.    Once you are logged in you can add contacts to your Jabber Client.  In the search Window type the person’s name.  When their name pops up click the Add button.

11.    When you add your first contact you are prompted for a group to add them to.  You need to create a group by click on the New Group button.
add contacts

12.    Give the Group a name and click Create.  Then click Add.
create new group

Now your users will show up in the Jabber Client.


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