In 2000, the University of Manitoba’s Centre for Community Oral Health (CCOH) expanded its focus in caring for underserved populations through the creation of the Health Promotion Unit (HPU). This upstream approach was adopted to help improve the oral and overall health of communities served by providing prevention-focused health promotion programming alongside essential dental treatment of existing disease. The Health Promotion Unit made a significant commitment to improve the oral health of dependent individuals that included working with the long-term care (LTC) facilities of Deer Lodge Centre and Manitoba Developmental Centre, as well as the Home Dental Care (mobile van) program, which visits over 40 LTC facilities in the Winnipeg area.

A primary focus of the HPU’s activities for almost 10 years has been to increase the oral health knowledge, awareness and mouthcare skills of caregivers through in-services, workshops, and presentations. These programs have been delivered to many health care aides, nurses, speech language pathologists, dietitians, physicians, administrators, family members, and others.

We are pleased to share with you our collection of LTC fact sheets and video clips that we have developed as an integral component to mouthcare training for caregivers.

LTC Fact Sheets: We strive to update and revise the fact sheets on a regular basis to keep them current and based on the latest evidence available. You have our permission to print and use them in their original un-edited form, keeping the logo and author information intact.

LTC Video Clips: In 2007-2008, the HPU developed a variety of short video clips to demonstrate various aspects of providing mouthcare for dependent adults. They have been used extensively during caregiver training with very positive feedback regarding their usefulness. We encourage you to access the video clips to learn more about mouthcare for this population, improve your skill in effectively providing mouthcare for others, and share this information with others. The video clips are available free of charge, provided users formally recognize their origin and the authors.

Printable PDFs

Demonstration videos

  • Lab demonstrations

    • Video 1: Assembling products
    • Video 2: Mouth rests
    • Video 3: Brushing someone else’s teeth
    • Video 4: 3-sided toothbrushes
    • Video 5: Using a proxabrush to clean between
    • Video 6: Using a floss holder
  • Bedside and wheelchair demonstrations

    • Video 7: Supplies ready
    • Video 8: Positioning bed and resident
    • Video 9: Positioning caregiver at bedside
    • Video 10: Products ready on the glove
    • Video 11: Using a mouthrest
    • Video 12: Mouthrest tips
    • Video 13: Toothbrushing technique at bedside
    • Video 14: Toothbrushing technique in wheelchair
    • Video 15: Mouth screening


These 8.5" x 11" information sheets were developed to be used in personal care homes to alert families and friends to the importance of mouth care. They are designed to be printed back-to-back as together they provide information regarding the benefits of good oral care, daily mouth care recommendations, and helpful oral care products.

For those interested in also printing the poster in its original size of 36" x 60", please contact the WRHA: Sheila Smith

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