The southwestern Manitoba storms of August 18, 2011

What happened

On August 18, 2011, severe thunderstorms affected southern Manitoba, including Winnipeg. The largest hail reported was 8 km southwest of Woodlands at 01:08Z--golf ball hail. Winnipeg received quarter-sized hail from the storms.

Of note in these RADAR animations are:
  1. The hail spikes on many of the conventional scans
  2. The sunspikes on the VIL animation
  3. The outflow boundary from the storm in the interlake that eventually cut off the surface-based parcels being ingested into the southern storm
  4. The attenuation of the reflectivity products when the radome was wet at 01:10Z
  5. The beam blocking on some of the reflectivity scans being caused by high reflectivities

RADAR images

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