The heat burst of April 18, 2005

What happened

Early in the morning of April 18, 2005, a decaying thunderstorm moved over Winnipeg. A series of severe winds and modest warming were reported. The confirmed wind speeds were 46 knots at Deerwood (XDW) and 50 knots at Winnipeg (CYWG). However, it is still undetermined if the 95 knots reported by the Carman autostation (WNK) was real. There was no foliage on the trees at the time, and no reports of damaging winds came in. However, the instrument was found to be in proper working order and without glitches; further, the winds coincide with the time the highest Doppler-sampled winds were over the area. Thus, it remains inconclusive but certainly possible.


Here are the observations from the event.

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