The Raymond, AB tornado of April 18, 2004

What happened?

At approximately 6:10 PM on the evening of April 18, 2004 (0010Z April 19 2004), a tornado touched down in a field near Raymond, AB. No damage was reported from this tornado. Raymond is in the south end of the province, about 30 km southeast of Lethbridge. The tornado was on the ground for approximately 20 minutes, and was photographed many times. Dime to quarter sized (18 to 25 mm) hail was associated with this thunderstorm, falling at approximately the same time as the tornado was seen.



Meteorological setup

note: the upper air fields are based on the 12-hour GEM prog; the surface-based fields are derived from a combination of actual surface conditions and the 12-hour GEM prog

RADAR images

Satellite animation

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