The heavy rain event of June 6, 2007

What happened

On June 5-6, 2007, a major rainfall event occurred in Calgary, AB. Calgary Airport reported 94 mm and Canada Olympic Park reported an incredible 193.3 mm. The result was flooding causing manhole covers to come off and other infrastructure to be damaged. The RADAR loop of this event is presented here.

RADAR imagery


Calgary Airport
CYYC 060000Z 01010G15KT 20SM SCT060CB BKN088 BKN260 20/13 A2941 RMK CB4AC2CI1 LTGCG SW / SHS NE-W SLP952=
CYYC 060100Z 01013KT 8SM FEW030 SCT060CB BKN080 BKN260 20/11 A2940 RMK SC1CB4AC3CI1 LTGICCCCG SW / SHS SE-W SLP950=
CYYC 060123Z 02010G18KT 8SM -TSRA BKN060CB BKN080 BKN260 19/ RMK CB6AC2CI0 LTGCG=
CYYC 060133Z 18021G27KT 3SM -TSRA BKN030CB BKN080 OVC260 15/ RMK CB6AC1CI0 LTGCG/WSHFT 0129=
CYYC 060137Z 20020G28KT 1SM +TSRA SCT010 OVC030CB 13/ RMK SC3CB5 LTGCG=
CYYC 060137Z CCA 20020G28KT 1SM +TSRA SCT010 OVC030CB 13/ RMK SC3CB5 LTGCG/RVR RWY16 2600FT=
CYYC 060150Z 24017G22KT 1/2SM +TSRA BKN006 OVC020CB 12/ RMK SC4CB4 LTGCG/RVR RWY16 2800FT=
CYYC 060200Z 25015G21KT 3/4SM +TSRA BKN010 OVC026CB 11/11 A2946 RMK SC4CB4 LTGCG/RVR RWY16 4500FT/R20/ SLP967=
CYYC 060232Z 25013KT 1 1/2SM +TSRA OVC020CB 13/ RMK CB8 LTGCG/R40/=
CYYC 060232Z CCA 25013KT 1 1/2SM +TSRA OVC020CB 13/ RMK CB8 LTGCG=
CYYC 060249Z 28005KT 6SM TSRA BKN020CB OVC080 13/ RMK CB6AC2 LTGCG/VIS 2 NE-E=
CYYC 060300Z 31005KT 6SM -TSRA BKN020CB OVC040 13/13 A2944 RMK CB6SC2 LTGCG/VIS 2 NE-E/R40/ SLP967=
CYYC 060300Z CCA 31005KT 6SM -TSRA BKN020CB OVC040 13/13 A2944 RERA RMK CB6SC2 LTGCG/VIS 2 NE-E/R40/ SLP967=
CYYC 060400Z 36008KT 15SM TSRA BKN020CB BKN040 OVC080 13/12 A2945 RMK CB6SC2AC1 LTGCC/VIS 3 N-NE/R50/ SLP969=
CYYC 060400Z CCA 36008KT 15SM TSRA BKN020CB BKN040 OVC080 13/12 A2945 RMK CB6SC2AC1 LTGCC/VIS 3 N-NE/R60/ SLP969=
CYYC 060500Z 32009KT 15SM TSRA FEW006 SCT020CB BKN040 OVC080 14/14 A2942 RMK ST1CB4SC2AC1 LTGCG SLP961=
CYYC 060539Z 32010KT 15SM -RA FEW020CB BKN040 OVC080 13/ RETSRA RMK CB1SC5AC2 LTGCG N=
CYYC 060600Z 33012KT 15SM -RA SCT040 OVC080 14/13 A2942 RETSRA RMK SC3AC4 /R70/ SLP953=
CYYC 060645Z 34004KT 15SM OVC070 13/ RMK AC8=
CYYC 060700Z 32006KT 15SM OVC060 13/13 A2941 RMK SC8 SLP951=
CYYC 060800Z 36006KT 15SM FEW030 OVC060 14/13 A2941 RMK SC1SC8 SLP951=
CYYC 060900Z 33007KT 15SM FEW011 OVC060 13/13 A2941 RMK SC2SC6 SLP952=
CYYC 061000Z 32005KT 15SM BKN008 OVC060 13/13 A2941 RMK SC6SC2 SLP951=
CYYC 061010Z 30005KT 8SM -RA BKN008 OVC030 13/ RMK ST6SC2=
CYYC 061100Z 05006KT 3SM -RA OVC005 12/12 A2941 RMK ST8 SLP952=
CYYC 061149Z 06013KT 2 1/2SM -RA OVC005 12/ RMK ST8=
CYYC 061200Z 05012KT 2SM -RA OVC005 12/12 A2942 RMK SC8 SLP961=
CYYC 061300Z 05016KT 2 1/2SM -RA BKN005 OVC012 10/09 A2945 RMK ST6SC2 SLP970=
CYYC 061322Z 03015G20KT 3SM RA OVC005 10/ RMK SC8=
CYYC 061400Z 03016G21KT 3SM +RA OVC005 10/09 A2949 RMK SC8 SLP982=
CYYC 061420Z 03013G20KT 4SM +RA BKN005 OVC027 10/ RMK SC4SC4=
CYYC 061438Z 03014G20KT 4SM +RA BKN005 OVC027 10/ RMK SC6SC2=
CYYC 061500Z 03018KT 4SM +RA BKN005 OVC021 10/09 A2953 RMK SC6SC2 /R14/ SLP009=
CYYC 061600Z 02016KT 4SM +RA BKN006 OVC021 10/10 A2956 RMK SC6SC2 SLP020=
CYYC 061644Z 02015G25KT 4SM -RA BKN006 OVC027 10/ RERA RMK SC4SC4=
CYYC 061700Z 02017G25KT 5SM -RA BKN006 OVC027 10/09 A2959 RERA RMK SC4SC4 SLP029=
CYYC 061743Z 02019KT 5SM -RA BKN006 OVC027 10/ RMK SC6SC2=
CYYC 061800Z 01020G27KT 5SM -RA BKN006 OVC027 10/09 A2962 RMK SC6SC2 SLP041=
CYYC 061800Z CCA 01020G27KT 5SM -RA BKN006 OVC027 10/09 A2962 RMK SC6SC2 /R24/ SLP041=
CYYC 061900Z 01020G25KT 15SM BKN008 OVC021 10/08 A2965 RMK SC6SC2 SLP051=
CYYC 061919Z 01018KT 15SM SCT008 OVC020 11/ RMK SC3SC5=
CYYC 062000Z 01019G27KT 15SM FEW008 OVC030 12/08 A2969 RMK SC2SC6 SLP061=
CYYC 062100Z 01015G25KT 20SM FEW008 BKN030 OVC090 11/06 A2971 RMK SC1SC5AC2 SLP071=
CYYC 062200Z 02010G15KT 20SM FEW014 FEW024 BKN042 BKN100 11/07 A2974 RMK SC1SC2SC3AC2 SLP079=
CYYC 062300Z 03011KT 20SM FEW030 SCT060 OVC100 11/06 A2975 RMK SC1SC3AC3 SLP084=

Canada Olympic Park
WDU SA 0000 AUTO8 M M M M/19/11/3309/M/ PK WND 3417 2342Z M 35MM=
WDU SA 0100 AUTO8 M M M M/18/11/2303/M/ M 50MM=
WDU SA 0200 AUTO8 M M M M/14/12/1604/M/0053 PCPN 5.3MM PAST HR PK WND 2222 0115Z M 71MM=
WDU SA 0300 AUTO8 M M M M/12/11/0000/M/0053 PK WND 3319 0216Z M 00MM=
WDU SA 0400 AUTO8 M M M M/12/11/2804/M/0053 M 13MM=
WDU SA 0500 AUTO8 M M M M/11/11/3004/M/0269 PCPN 21.6MM PAST HR /R+27/ M 47MM=
WDU SA 0600 AUTO8 M M M M/12/11/2810+15/M/0269 M 58MM=
WDU SA 0700 AUTO8 M M M M/12/11/2908/M/0195 PCPN 19.5MM PAST HR /R+20/ M 68MM=
WDU SA 0800 AUTO8 M M M M/12/11/3005/M/0515 PCPN 32.0MM PAST HR /R+52/ M 70MM=
WDU SA 0900 AUTO8 M M M M/12/11/2904/M/0515 M 58MM=
WDU SA 1000 AUTO8 M M M M/11/11/3106/M/0566 PCPN 5.1MM PAST HR M 48MM=
WDU SA 1100 AUTO8 M M M M/11/10/2906/M/0684 PCPN 11.8MM PAST HR /R+68/ M 04MM=
WDU SA 1200 AUTO8 M M M M/11/10/2907/M/0692 PCPN 0.8MM PAST HR M 82MM=
WDU SA 1300 AUTO8 M M M M/09/09/0111+19/M/0040 PCPN 4.0MM PAST HR PK WND 0119 1250Z M 15MM=
WDU SA 1400 AUTO8 M M M M/09/08/3615+22/M/0190 PCPN 15.0MM PAST HR PK WND 0122 1351Z /R+19/ M 72MM=
WDU SA 1500 AUTO8 M M M M/09/08/3613+22/M/0219 PCPN 2.9MM PAST HR PK WND 3624 1439Z M 83MM=
WDU SA 1600 AUTO8 M M M M/09/09/3411+17/M/0241 PCPN 2.2MM PAST HR PK WND 0421 1503Z M 95MM=
WDU SA 1700 AUTO8 M M M M/09/08/3614+26/M/0241 PK WND 3626 1658Z M 62MM=
WDU SA 1800 AUTO8 M M M M/09/08/3516+25/M/0241 PK WND 3325 1746Z M 72MM=
WDU SA 1900 AUTO8 M M M M/09/08/3514+21/M/0245 PCPN 24.5MM PAST HR PK WND 3627 1811Z /R+25/ M 69MM=
WDU SA 2000 AUTO8 M M M M/09/06/3416+23/M/0322 PCPN 7.7MM PAST HR PK WND 3330 1934Z M 12MM=
WDU SA 2100 AUTO8 M M M M/09/06/3615+25/M/0731 PCPN 40.9MM PAST HR PK WND 0526 2051Z /R+73/ M 32MM=
WDU SA 2200 AUTO8 M M M M/09/06/3611+20/M/0731 PK WND 3523 2111Z M 47MM=
WDU SA 2300 AUTO8 M M M M/10/05/3509+15/M/0731 PK WND 3421 2201Z M 95MM=

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