Dr. Gary Johnson

Room 379 Agriculture Building
Telephone (204) 474-9795
Fax (204) 261-7251
Email: gary.johnson@umanitoba.ca


University of Wisconsin-Madison:

    B.S. Mechanical Engineering (1970)
    M.S. Water Resources Management (1976)
    M.A. Agricultural Economics (1978)
    Ph.D. Major-Natural Resources & Environmental Economics,
    Minor-Comparative Economic Systems (1981)

Fields of Study

    Environmental & Natural Resource Economics
    Law and Economics
    Welfare Economics
    Sustainable Development


    ABIZ 2390 Introduction to Environmental Economics
    ABIZ 2520 Introduction to Management Sciences
    ABIZ 3550 Environmental Policy
    ABIZ/ECON 7430 Natural Resource Theory
    AGRI 4510 Applications in Agroecology


      Dr. Johnson's research focuses on issues relating to water quality and water quantity, and modeling especially as this affects and is affected by agriculture. His research interests also include the analysis and design of institutions surrounding natural resource and environmental policy. His most recent research has focused in on impacts of alternative methods of manure management on the environment and impacts of policies on farmers for controlling environmental problems associated with manure management.


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