Prospective Undergraduate Students

The Department of Entomology offers a variety of courses for both diploma and undergraduate degree students as well as one course open to the general public. 

The Department of Entomology does not offer a major undergraduate degree programme in Entomology. Students can take a Minor in Entomology or can take individual courses in Entomology, as part of an undergraduate degree program in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, or as part of a degree program in several other faculties within the University of Manitoba. ENTM 1000 World of Bugs is designed specifically for University 1 students who would like a taste of Entomology to determine whether they might be interested in other Entomology courses. ENTM 2050 Introductory Entomology is a foundation course in Entomology that provides a broad survey of insect science and is a pre-requisite for several more advanced courses.

In several faculties and programs, students can major in their program, and take a minor in Entomology. The minor will be recognized by a transcript notation, and indicates to potential employers  or graduate supervisors a depth and  breadth of entomological education. Minor programs consist of a minimum of 18 credit hours in a subject area. 
To qualify for a minor in Entomology, students must obtain passing grades in: 

ENTM 2050 Introductory Entomology

and in a minimum of five of the following courses:

ENTM 1000 World of Bugs
ENTM 3160 Veterinary and Wildlife Entomology
ENTM 3162 Manitoba’s Insect Fauna
ENTM 3170 Crop Protection Entomology
ENTM 3180 Field Techniques in Entomology
ENTM 3190 Introduction to Applied Entomology
ENTM 4000 Topics in Entomology
ENTM 4280 Aquatic Entomology
ENTM 4320 Pollination Biology
ENTM 4500 Insect Taxonomy and Morphology
ENTM 4520 Physiological Ecology of Insects

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Students contemplating taking the Entomology minor should first contact the Department Head for assistance in planning their programs.

The Department of Entomology offers two courses which form part of the Diploma in Agriculture.

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BEEKEEPING FOR THE HOBBYIST: A non-credit course offered jointly by the Department of Entomology, University of Manitoba, and Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives. This series of lectures and demonstrations is intended for members of the general public. It deals with the nature of beekeeping; the life history, anatomy, and social behaviour of bees; economics; how to manage colonies of bees; equipment and site selection; pollen and nectar producing plants; nectar flows; seasonal management; pests, parasites diseases and their control; regulations; honey houses; extracting equipment; and grading and marketing honey and beeswax. The course is offered once every year. Lectures will be given on nine Wednesday evenings from 7:00 - 9:30 pm, with the course beginning in late January.

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