Forms of phosphorus in different manures and their impact on P runoff and leaching losses from manure amended soils

Extension report submitted to the Manitoba Livestock and Manure Management Initiative


Darshani Kumaragamage, Don Flaten, Wole Akinremi, Clay Sawka, Dupe Ige and Francis Zvomuya, Department of Soil Science, University of Manitoba


Continuous application of manure P at rates that exceed the rate of P removal by crops results in a buildup of soil phosphorus (P). High concentrations of soil P increase the risk of P runoff loss from agricultural land and lead to problems with surface water quality, such as excess algae growth. However, there is little or no information about the effect of applying different sources or types of manure P on the risk of P loss after manure interacts with soil, especially for Prairie soils. Therefore, the objectives of this study were to quantify and compare P losses from soil treated with four sources of liquid swine manure and four sources of solid cattle manure and to relate P runoff and leaching losses to manure P forms and soil test P measurements.

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