Anaerobic digestion:

Capacity of co-digestion with glycerol (a biodiesel byproduct) to boost methane production from liquid pig manure


Project leader Nazim Cicek
Grad Student: O. Wohlgemut

Published in Transactions of the ASABE. 54(2): 723-727

Download pdf of Report:
Improving Anaerobic Digestion Efficiency of Hog Manure in Passive Heating Solar Greenhouses on the Canadian Prairies by Joe N. Ackerman*, Nazim Cicek, Qiang Zhang, Norman Barmeier

Download pdf of Article:  CO‐DIGESTION OF HOG MANURE WITH GLYCEROL TO BOOST BIOGAS AND METHANE PRODUCTION by O. Wohlgemut, N. Cicek, J. Oleszkiewicz, R. Sparling