Carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emission benefit of including perennials in annual cropping systems


Project Leader:  Dr. Mario Tenuta, Dept. Soil Science, Email:
Graduate Student:  Siobhan Stewart, Dept. Soil Science


Short-term influence of including perennials in cropping rotations and the benefits alfalfa may offer for carbon sequestration, soil health improvement, and reduction of N2O emissions.


  • Do perennial cropping systems reduce GHG emissions?
  • How rapid are benefits of perennial cropping to GHG reductions and soil health following conversion from annual cropping?
  • Does the benefit of perennial cropping carry into the conversion phase to annual cropping?
  • What are the enviromental drivers of the fluxes?

Download Poster:  Does conversion to perennial systems affect net greenhouse gas emissions and soil health?  Siobhan Stewart, Aaron Glenn, Mario Tenuta and Brian Amiro.