Manitoba Beef Producers solid cattle manure management project:

Nitrogen and non-nitrogen benefits of manure for crop production


Manitoba Beef Producers
Project Leader: Dr. Don Flaten, Dept. Soil Science, University of Manitoba Email:
Co-Investigators: Dr. Darshi Kumaragamage (U of M) Dr. Katherine Buckley (AAFC - Brandon)


This project is a partnership led by MCPA in co-operation with DFM, U of M, AAFC, MRAC, SDIF


  • to determine nitrogen and non-nitrogen benefits of manure as a fertilizer in crop production
  • to develop scientifically sound, locally relevant data to aid Manitoba cattle producers in management planning for using solid manure as fertilizer


This study takes place at 3 locations in Manitoba (near Brandon, Lake Francis and Argyle). Solid manure is compared with synthetic fertilizer on both annually and perennially cropped lands.

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