Assessing the efficacy of chemically-enhanced solid-liquid separation for management of phosphorus in hog manure


Project leader: Francis Zvomuya, Dept. Soil Science
Collaborator:  Wole Akinremi, Dept. Soil Science
Grad Student:  Agomoh, Ikechukwu Vincent


Manitoba Livestock, Manure and Mortalities Management Initiative


This research was conducted to investigate solids and nutrient (particularly P) removal from liquid swine manure of varying solids concentrations amended with calcium carbonate (CaCO3), magnesium sulphate (MgSO4), alum (aluminum sulfate) and polyacrylamide (PAM, Superfloc C494).  Results from the study showed that PAM was the most effective amendment for enhancing solids removal from manure containing 1% initial TS. The effectiveness of PAM at removing solids decreased at higher initial TS concentrations (that is, 5% and 8%) due to resuspension of solids occurring at settling times beyond 4 h. These results indicate that treatment of swine manure with the chemical amendments enhances solids removal but has limited effect on the removal of P and other nutrients. However, apart from alum-amended manure, the amendments showed a sharp decrease in P removal from the 15- to 45-cm interval as the initial TS of manure increased from 1% to 5% and 8%.

Download Full Thesis Report here (pdf)  Chemically Enhanced Gravitational Solid-Liquid Separation for the Management of Phosphorus in Liquid Swine Manure  by Ikechukwu Vincent Agomoh