Ecoregion examination of feeding and management strategies in the Canadian beef industry


Project Leader (Manitoba): Dr. Kim Ominski, Dept. Animal Science, University of Manitoba Email:
Co-Leads: Shabtai Bittman (AAFC) and Doug MacDonald (Environment Canada)
Co-Investigators: Karin Wittenberg, Brian Amiro, Mario Tenuta, Don Flaten, Christine Rawluk (UofM); Tim McAllister, Robert Berthiaume, Julie Small, Karen Beauchemin (AAFC) and John McKinnon (UofS) 


MAFRI/MBP, BC Ministry of Ag./CCA, Alberta Ag. and Rural Development, Environment Canada, AAFC


To conduct a national beef management practices survey to obtain current, accurate information about the Canadian beef industry, broken down by ecoregion and sector (cow-calf, backgrounding, finishing).


The intent is to use this information to benefit profitability, economic viability and environmental sustainability of the beef industry through the following avenues:

  • Develop new profitable Best Management Practices (BMPs) for the Canadian beef sector according to regional needs
  • Document improvements in practices that can bolster the image of the industry
  • Improve predictive models for tracking improvements in production efficiencies
  • Help the Canadian beef industry to capture market opportunities

Why is this research important? The past decade has seen a substantial shift in management practices across the Canadian cattle industry. Individual beef producers and the Canadian beef industry as a whole will benefit from current information on year-round feeding strategies, forage and pasture management, animal management, and manure management practices for the different types of beef operations across Canada.