Use of high tannin forages to improve sustainability of integrated beef/forage production systems


Project Leader:  Dr. Kim Ominski, Dept. Animal Science, Email: 
Co-Investigators: U of M - Denis Krause, Karin Wittenberg, Martin Entz and Mario Tenuta (U of M), AAFC - Tim McAllister, Kathy Buckley


This project seeks to better understand the role of tannin-containing plants in soil-crop-livestock systems, taking an integrated approach to evaluate the potential use of tannin containing legumes in beef cattle production systems.


This research seeks to address the following questions:
  1. Do tannin-containing plants within forage mixtures in fact increase total forage tannin production?
  2. Does the tannin in the forage carry through to the manure in a beef cattle system?
  3. How does tannin concentration in the manure affect greenhouse gas production?
  4. Does the presence of tannin-bearing plant material affect pathogen colonization of beef cattle manure or soil?
  5. Does manure differ in its greenhouse gas properties when the manure is derived from tannin-containing plants?
  6. How does the application of tannin vs non-tannin plant-derived manure affect soil processes?