Environmental and economic value of forage and grassland in Manitoba


Project Leader: Dr. Kim Ominski, Dept. Animal Science,
Email: Kim.Ominski@ad.umanitoba.ca

Co-Investigators: Dr. Karin Wittenberg (U of M), Dr. Mario Tenuta (U of M), Dr. Ermias Kebreab (U of M), Dr. Suren Kulshreshtha (U of S), Dr. Denis Krause (U of M), Dr. Kees Plaizier (U of M), Dr. Don Flaten (U of M)


MBP, BCRC, MRAC, MITACS, ARDI and Greencover


This project is a multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional collective systems-based approach to developing management strategies for forages and grasslands.


The data collected during this study will be used, following a whole-system approach, to develop models designed to:

  • assess the multi-functional value of Manitoba grassland areas in terms of ability to:
    i) sequester carbon,
    ii) enhance biodiversity of plant/animal species,
    iii) reduce water erosion and improve water utilization,
    iv) facilitate production of natural/healthy beef products and
    v) facilitate opportunities in agri-tourism.
  • assess and compare the economic and environmental sustainability of conventional and alternative forage-based cattle production systems in terms of
    i) animal productivity,
    ii) net greenhouse gas production,
    iii) nutrient cycling and movement,
    iv) pathogen survival and movement

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