Overwintering beef cows in an extensive bale grazing system


Project Leaders: Dr. Kim Ominski, Dept. Animal Science, Email: k_ominski@umanitoba.ca, Dr. Mario Tenuta, Dept. Soil Science, Email: tenutam@cc.umanitoba.ca
Co-Investigators: Karin Wittenberg (U of M), Denis Krause (U of M), Don Flaten (U of M)
Graduate Student: Gwendolyn Donohoe, Dept. Soil Science, U of M  (PhD candidate)


in part by MRAC, BCRC, MBP


  • Compare the impact of overwintering in a confinement or a pasture-based system as well as the impact of supplementing low quality forage diets with protein on animal performance, enteric methane emissions, as well as pathogen shedding and survival
  • Characterize and quantify greenhouse gas emissions and nutrient cycling during beef cow overwintering in a pasture-based system

Why is this research important? Although pasture overwintering beef cows is increasing in popularity in Manitoba, limited information is available on animal performance and the environmental implications of these more extensive systems.