Development of models to quantify and monitor the spatiotemporal distribution of vegetation biomass

in Manitoba grasslands / pastures using satellite imagery


Project Leader:  Dr. Luciano Adrián González, Dept. Animal Science, University of Manitoba
Co-Investigators: Dr. Kim Ominski (U of M), Dr. Karin Wittenberg (U of M)
Collaborators: Glenn Friesen, Bill Gardiner, Wayne Digby, Dan MacDonald, Mae Elsinger, Beverly Dunlop, Shannon Scott, Hushton Block, Clayton Robins, Martin Entz, Douglas Wilcox




To examine existing data sets from previous projects conducted throughout Manitoba containing information regarding forage quantity and quality. The corresponding satellite images containing the spectral data of the same sites will also be obtained. This information will be compiled and a set of guidelines will be developed to ensure that future projects collect data that can be utilized to enhance these modeling efforts.


A significant quantity of forage/grassland information has been collected in the past 15 years within Manitoba. However, such data was collected using different procedures. Many of these projects have been reviewed in the present MSAPP grant. 1) The potential of these datasets for future applications at a provincial level such as development of yield maps, growth rates maps, satellite imagery, etc., depends on the strategy used for data collection. 2) The standard operating procedure written in this MSAPP project will ensure that future projects collect samples such that the data garnered will meet the objectives of most projects but can also be used for other purposes such as GIS and satellite imagery modeling and analysis. 3) Satellite imagery can be used to assess both visually and quantitatively the spatial and temporal status of grasslands.

Download Final Report here (pdf)