Information Materials

For additional reference, we have a number of information sheets available for download:

At a Glance Reference Guide for NCLE download pdf

Seminar recording: Food Production for Enough Healthy Consumption Watch now
UM Today article featuring Dr. Martin: Conversations on sustainable food: Is it safe, healthy and just? link
Ralph Martin, professor and Loblaw Chair in Sustainable Food Production, University of Guelph

Seminar recording: Contemplating the Role for Animal Agriculture in Environmentally Sustainable Food Production Watch now  (Requires RealPlayer - Free download at
Henry Janzen, a senior scientist with AAFC, encourages serious contemplation of the long term sustainability of the millennia-old practice of raising animals for food

Greenhouse Gases in Agroecosystems

Follow this link to access all greenhouse gas mitigation resources for producers and educators

  • Resources for Producers - Beneficial Management Practices Factsheets for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation
    • Land and crop rotation
    • Nitrogen fertilizer
    • Cattle production
  • Resources for Student Educators

Resources for making and using compost

 Sustainable Beef-Forage Production Systems

  • NCLE Cattle-Forage Production Systems Research download
  • Wheat and wheat-corn Distiller’s Dry Grain with Solubles (DDGS) for Cattle factsheet download

Sustainable Manure Nutrient Management

  • Glenlea Long Term Manure and Crop Management Field Trial download
  • Best Management Strategies to Improve the Productivity and Environmental Sustainability of Grassland Pasture Systems download
  • NCLE Agricultural By-Products Processing Research and Demonstration Facility backgrounder download
  • Forms of P in Different Manures and Their Impact on P Runoff and Leaching Losses from Manure Amended Soils: Summary and Implications download
  • NCLE Research in Support of Achieving Manure Phosphorus Balance in Manitoba webpage or download

 Sow Group Housing Systems