What's New?

Increasing Program Core from 52 to 62 credit hours

The first year of the program will consist of 12 core courses totaling 46 credit hours.  The program core will increase from 52 to 62 credit hours.
Five New Core Courses: DAGR 0480 Introductory Farm Management, DAGR 0490 Applied Farm Management, DAGR 0980 Farm Management Project 1, DAGR 0990 Farm Management Project 2, DAGR 0920 Current Issues in Agriculture and Food (15 credit hours) will replace the two spanned courses DAGR 0680 Management Planning Project 1 and DAGR 0690 Management Planning Project 2 (8 credit hours) in the program core. 

These changes will address several gaps identified during the comprehensive review of the curriculum.  The changes will provide opportunities for students to develop and apply higher level decision making skills when assessing a farm business and developing a management plan for that operation. It also will provide expanded opportunities to assess the impact of current agricultural issues on individual farm operations and on the industry as a whole.
The new core course DAGR 0910 Integrated Sustainable Agri-Food Systems will expand the focus from the farm gate to the consumer's plate and incorporate sustainable agri-food system models.

The modified course BIOE 0222 Precision Agriculture – Technological Tools for Decision Making will replace the Farm Machinery Course BIOE 0600 in the program core.  It will address the need for students to have increased knowledge and skills in technology applications and capacity.  They will be able to assess technology value in decision making and advancement of management goals.

The first year core course DAGR 0420 Introduction to Soils and Crops will be deleted and the courses SOIL 0620 Soil Conservation and Management and PLNT 0760 Special Crops will be modified and added to the core.  The proposed modifications to SOIL 0420 Soil Productivity and Land Use and PLNT 0410 Cereal and Oilseed Production Practices, SOIL 0620 and PLNT 0760 will provide all students in the program with a stronger foundation in Plant Science, Soil Science and Agronomy and will incorporate water management into the program core.

The course ENTM 0620 Pest Management and Farm Insects will be removed from the core.  It will be modified and become a requirement for both the Crop Management and Livestock Management Options.

Changes to the Four Program Options

The requirements for the four program options have been modified to provide students with more choice in course selection by expanding the restricted electives.  The requirement to have one Biosystems Engineering course remains for the General Agriculture Option but this requirement is being removed from the other three options.
The Business Management Option replaces 8 credit hours of required courses and two groups of restricted electives with four groups of restricted electives.  A requirement to complete one course in animal production and management has been added.

The core courses required and the credit hours of restricted electives for the Crop Management Option will not change.  The number of groups of restricted electives will be reduced from 2 to 1.

The Livestock Management Option will be modified moving the core course ANSC 0750 Forage and Pasture Management to a group of restricted electives.  The number of groups of restricted electives will not change.

The number of groups of restricted electives for the General Agriculture Option will increase from 5 to 7.  One grouping requires students to select a course from the Department of Food and Human Nutritional Sciences or the new course DAGR 0540 Exploring New Opportunities in  Adding On-Farm Value.

Elective Courses

The new program expands the number of elective courses.  Five new elective courses have been added:

DAGR 0510    Farm Management Practicum    3
DAGR 0520    Managing Agricultural Safety    3
DAGR 0530    Agricultural Human Resource Management    3
DAGR 0540    Exploring New Opportunities in Adding On-Farm Value     4
DAGR 0550    Managing Farm Business Transition    3

Seven existing degree courses offered by the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences can now apply for credit as electives for the Agriculture Diploma program.   Diploma and degree courses offered outside of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Science, to a maximum of 3 credit hours, can apply for credit. These proposed changes are in response to concerns raised during the curriculum review process that the current program is too insular.