The C.A.S.T. Building accommodates specialized equipment including:

Structural Testing:
  • 45 m2 (490 ft2) strong floor, with 50 Mpa (110,000 lb.) MTS hydraulic actuator. This equipment is used in conducting structural tests of students’ designs. It is supplemented by the nearby Department of Civil Engineering WR McQuade Structures Lab.

Fabrication Shops:

  • Floor tools and hand tools for fabricating prototypes and models include:
  • Metal Cutting and soldering;
  • Textile cutting and sewing equipment;
  • Concrete mixing and placement equipment;
  • Air-drive and electric wood working tools at C.A.S.T. are further supplemented by the Faculty of Architecture’s Workshop facilities next door in the John A. Russell Building.


  • CNC router, Laser cutters, 3D printing and scanning, vacuum former and six workstations dedicated to digital modelling software

Studio Space:

  • 800 ft2 mezzanine level for collaborative and individual design work.


  • The C.A.S.T. Building is equipped with dedicated computers for graphics and structural engineering, and a fiber optic connection to the Faculty of Architecture and University of Manitoba computer networks.

Sound System:

  • C.A.S.T. has its own sound system – music is the universal solvent.


Equipment image