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Rainbow Gardens Design, Build Studio M1, Photo: Lancelot Coar

The C.A.S.T. Building has been specifically designed to support full-scale speculative experiments on new design possibilities using a wide range of materials and building technologies. In particular, C.A.S.T. encourages collaborative, project-based experiments and projects involving architects, engineers, and industry. The design of the building also supports the teaching of building technology through its structural, mechanical, and electrical systems, which are all left exposed as a three-dimensional “textbook”.
A wide range of tools and equipment allows small-scale physical models to be constructed as full-scale proof-of-concept prototypes in our laboratory space. Our association with industry allows us to develop and test new construction and designn ideas in industrial settings.
The C.A.S.T. Building itself provides architecture and engineering students with other venues for full-scale design and construction experiments. For example, the C.A.S.T. Building’s masonry cavity walls are built with ten special openings, specifically designed to receive experimental infill designs. Here students can affect the architectural design of the building itself, while studying important building envelop detailing and design issues.