General Information
The Doctorate of Philosophy in Design and Planning is a Faculty-wide program under the general supervision of the Faculty of Architecture Doctoral Studies Committee, currently chaired by Dr. Lisa Landrum.

The Ph.D. in Design and Planning is for students wishing to make a significant contribution to knowledge in design and planning fields. The program is intended for students intending to pursue independent investigation, original research and creative scholarship.

Applicants must demonstrate research capability through prior degree(s), publications, presentations and a record of appropriate experience in professional practice, teaching or other pertinent activities.

The Ph.D. in Design and Planning program requires 12-credits of course work, a Candidacy Examination, a Thesis Proposal, and a written Thesis, which must be publicly defended in an oral examination. Candidates are expected to demonstrate mastery of their field and to make an original contribution to their discipline.

The Ph.D. in Design and Planning in the Faculty of Architecture offers many focused areas of research according to the expertise of faculty members. Interested applicants are encouraged to review the available advisor profiles and Admission Requirements.