Ashley Welwood
Interior design for fashion production through the lens of surrealism

Advisor: Lynn Chalmers
Internal Examiner: Lisa Landrum
External Examiner: Stephanie Whitehouse

In this Master of Interior Design practicum project, the tenants of Andre Breton’s Surrealist theory inform the design of a commercial fashion studio and showroom in the adaptive reuse of a vacant warehouse in Bushwick, New York. The project looks at the circumstances of creative activity for fashion design production. The purpose is to investigate how the interior environment induces spontaneous creation: how one’s working environment influences the work, and conversely how the content changes the interior. Relevant theories on imagination and experimentation in art practice have been used as a foundation for design exploration, primarily through automatism in painting. The design process therefore demonstrates how the correlative relationship between Surrealism and creativity can be evidenced through interior spatial representation. Exterior and interior form and materiality inform the spatial experience and respond to the post-industrial context.

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