Deniz Aytac
Costume culture: a traveling exhibition system for the Costume Museum of Canada

Advisor: Lynn Chalmers
Internal Examiner: Shauna Mallory-Hill
External Examiner: Stephanie Middaugh

The Costume Museum of Canada (CMC) is the first of its kind in Canada. It works as a comprehensive repository where Canadian clothing and textile artifacts are collected, preserved, and presented. Traveling exhibits are important to the CMC to present the collection to a wider audience; however, the CMC’s financial limitations restrict how they can support traveling exhibitions. This practicum project addresses the desire of the museum for a facility to stage traveling exhibits by the design of a Traveling Exhibition System (TES) for the CMC. The practicum explores the concepts of cultural communication, narratology and mise-en-scene. It will facilitate Canadian cultural education through the exhibition of CMC’s vast collection of costumes and related accessories in a cost effective and sustainable manner. TES will be an exhibit system that can be set up within existing buildings and spaces. The project offers the possibility for the CMC to generate revenue and to facilitate dissemination of Canadian fashion culture and history regionally and nationally.

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