Outstanding Professor 2016

Dr Jorge NallimThe Outstanding Professor Award is given based on merits in all three of the award categories -- teaching,research, and service. Dr. Nállim has consistently pushed boundaries these three areas, and has done so with a strong commitment to collegiality. Colleagues and students are continuously inspired by Dr. Nállim's energy and enthusiasm. His interactive approach to teaching and fostering of discussion and critical thinking allows students working with him to flourish. Dr. Nállim is considered by many students to have had a lasting impact on them in both their life and their academic work. Not only all this, but Dr. Nállim's productivity and quality of work have resulted in letters from other Universities marvelling at these qualities.  Dr. Nállim also works as the coordinator of the Latin American Power and Resistance Research Cluster, bringing together academics and upper-level students from across many disciplines, his work with this group being called more prolific than that produced by other organizations with the same mission. Dr. Nállim is responsible for organising some 57 events to date with his research cluster, creating opportunities to further thinking both within and outside the University. Dr. Nállim is a positive role model for students and faculty alike, and is a positive leader for the future.


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