English Media Lab

NOTE - there is no technical support at this time for either students or staff.

Please contact the Department of English, Theatre, Film & Media for more information at english@umanitoba.ca

About the lab:

The Department of English Media Lab was established in the fall of 1995 as a pilot project for digital instruction in the Faculty of Arts. The intervening decades have seen challenges to the notion of literature and text, as well as an increasing number of forms of media and knowledge transmission that have emerged and enjoyed mass adoption or alternatively faded quickly into obscurity.

The Lab seeks to give scholars and students access to an ever–expanding selection of digital and online resources for the study of literature, film and theatre. Resources include: an extensive DVD library, professional audio, video, and literary editing solutions, DVD authoring tools, imaging, digital audio and video acquisition equipment as well as printing and presentation technology. One of the distinguishing features of the English Media Lab is in-house support to assist with the technology it provides. This advantage allows its users navigate around many of the impediments to using new media technologies with the aid of a diversely skilled technician. Many of the lab’s resources can also be accessed as services where clients need quick turnaround on projects or need research materials converted from one form to another.