Practical Courses

The University of Manitoba offers practical courses in filmmaking, video production, screenwriting, script development and acting for the camera.  These technical  courses are frequently supplemented with informal practical training. 

Filmmaking (FILM 3440)  and Advanced Filmmaking (FILM 3650) give students the opportunity to experience and understand the technical operations of film, with a focus on narrative film making. Techniques of filmmaking are taught,emphasizing creative focus and storytelling. Students will gain a greater understanding of the filmmaking process and on-set etiquette with crew and actors. A highlight of  the course is the end-of-year public screening of students’ film and video projects.

Screenwriting (FILM 3430) provides comprehensive instruction for the development and writing of an original feature-length screenplay. In addition to a major screenplay project, students write treatments, participate in pitching sessions, collaborate on short scenes and in-class exercises, and learn to write professional script reader reports.

Script to Screen, which is offered as a special topics course, is a must for aspiring filmmakers. Students develop ideas for a short film (approximately 10 minutes in length) The idea is refined through many drafts and is ready to be shot by the end of the course. A common end of term assignment is for students to pitch their film to a panel of locally active filmmakers and to receive feedback.

Acting for the Camera (FILM 3460). This course gives students experience in front of the camera and instructive critique. Scenes are shot weekly with multi-camera set-ups, complete with lighting and sound. This "in-studio" footage is then edited into scenes, allowing students to view their work and improve their performance techniques.  This combination of shooting styles gives our students the opportunity to experience the challenges of television-style studio setups and on location set-ups approximating those found in low-budget independent features.  Final projects are shot on location. 

Film Production (FILM 3270)  is an intensive, groundbreaking course that exposes students to all stages of film production:  development, pre-production, production, post-production and distribution.  Using the feature film as our model, filmmaking is explored through a collaborative project. 

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