Equipment, Resources, Technical Support

Practical experience prepares a film student for a possible career as a filmmaker. We create opportunities for students to complete short films which will be eligible for submission to film festivals. As students acquire requisite skills, they become eligible for relevant equipment loans for their school-related or non-profit projects.

Our equipment includes:

-- Prosumer level DV Cameras - Sony PDX-10, Sony PD170,  Sony A1U
- 16mm film cameras and projectors
- Fluid head tripods (Manfrotto and Libec)
- Booms (K-tec) and microphones (Sennheiser: cardioid, shotgun & lavalier)
- Lighting (redheads/fresnels - available up to 1K.)
- Grip gear (C-stands/scrims/silks/ flags)

- HD camera Panasonic HVX-200*
- Doorway dolly and Steadicam Flyer*
- Panasonic AMC-HMC150P*
* This equipment is only available for use in the FILM3270 course.

Sound Lab:

The Film Studies sound lab has been designed for the specific needs of film students -- ideal for recording ADR and narration.  This ProTools recording studio is capable of recording, scoring, Foley, and ADR, and can output high quality sound mix for student projects.

Media Lab:

The English Media Lab is the primary post-production resource for students. Technical assistance is available in the lab for ongoing tutorials in the development of your skills.