Theatre Program Courses

The following courses are offered every year.  Students are urged to check for other courses that will be offered.  A link to the Aurora Courses and Timetable is available in the right hand navigation column.

THTR 1220 - Introduction to Theatre (6 cr hrs)   [This course is a pre-requisite for the upper level Theatre courses.]

Introduction to Theatre is also a great introduction to the University. This course will prepare students with practical and analytical skills necessary for upper level practical/creative and academic courses in the Theatre Program; and these same skills in working in groups, listening, speaking, brainstorming, improvising, creative thinking, analyzing, and more will also be applicable and valuable across a wide range of fields. 

The course will include acting exercises, working on monologues and scenes, an introduction to backstage work, and close analysis of plays both as written texts and as performance texts.  While no student in the course is required to perform before a public audience, all will undergo the experience of performance in the relatively safe and protected invironment of the rehearsal/workshop room.

For those interested, there are also many opportunities both onstage and backstage to work on any of the one-act lunch hour shows [LunchBHAGGS] or the Mainstage shows.

THTR 2150 Theatrical Techniques: On Stage. (6 cr hrs)

This course has two major objectives.  The first is to undertake advanced level work to help students develop their art and craft as actors, building upon the fundamental work done in the Introduction to Theatre.  In the Fall term students will undertake intensive acting exercises, monologue work and scene work.   In the Winter term students will be introduced to the fundamental principles of play direction.  Students will also continue to develop their skills as actors. 

The course requires major participation in one theatre program production and the direction of two scenes with first year students.

THTR 2160 Theatrical Techniques: Backstage. (6 cr hrs)

The Backstage course is designed to give students the opportunity to explore both the general administrative and technical requirements of mounting a theatrical season and operating a producing theatre company in a real world situation.

This is a "hands on" course and students will use the current theatre program production as a working model or "text."  By the end of the course, students will have a fairly comprehensive understanding of the process involved in accomplishing the above and will have acquired exposure to and some expertise in the various technical and administrative positions found in theatre companies.


Current year Theatre Courses


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