Attending to Diversity in Anthropology Curricula


The Department of Anthropology advocates continuous critical examination of its curricula in search of ways to address diversity in all its manifestations. Curricular modifications addressing the issue of diversity may arise out of individual teaching staff interest and expertise, through student suggestion, and through sensitization to the problems and potential of diversity within the contexts of the University, the local community, the nation, and the global community.  The Department of Anthropology encourages all of its members to engage in:

  • consciousness-raising about individual and collective senses of diversity in relation to equality, fairness, justice, access to services and resources, and effects of capacity perceptions and classifications;
  • attention to social and cultural construction of diversity, and an active quest by teaching staff for ways to introduce into their courses selected examples of diversity as problem and process; and
  • critical thinking and research among faculty and students regarding social and cultural construction of diversity.

Report on the Department of Anthropology Diversity Audit (PDF)

Approved by Department Council April 22, 2002.