Mark Lawall


Ph.D University of Michigan
MA University of Michigan
BA College of William and Mary

Research Interests:
Greek Archaeology, Ancient Economic History, Transport Amphoras,
Maritime Archaeology, Athens, Ephesos, Gordion, Troy


Department of Classics

367 University College
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University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB
Canada R3T 2M8

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Edited volumes

2011. M. Lawall and J. Lund (eds.), Pottery in the Archaeological Record: Greece and Beyond. Proceedings of the International Colloquium Hosted by the Danish and Canadian Institutes in Athens, June 20-22, 2008. Gösta Enbom Monograph series 1, Aarhus, 168 p.

Co-author with John Lund, “Introduction,” 7-9.

“Greek amphorae in the archaeological record,” 38-50.

2011. M. Lawall and P. van Alfen eds., Caveat Emptor: A Collection of Papers on Imitations in Ancient Greco-Roman Commerce (Marburger Beiträge zur Antiken Handels-, Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte28), 229 p.

Co-author with P. van Alfen. “Introduction,” 1-19.

 “Transport amphoras and regional styles in the Classical Aegean,” 45-88.

Articles in refereed journals:

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2008. Co-author with E.S. Greene and M. Polzer, “Inconspicuous consumption: The sixth-century BCE shipwreck at Pabuç Burnu, Turkey.” American Journal of Archaeology 112, 685-711. Lawall 40%, Greene 40%, Polzer 20%.

2007. “Catalogued Archaic and Classical Transport Amphora Finds,” in C.B. Rose et al. “Granicus River Survey Project, 2004-2005,” Studia Troica 17, 103-104, and edited the pottery report.

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Chapters in Books

In press. “Transport Amphoras and Loomweights: Integrating elements of ancient Greek economies?” in M.-L. B. Nosch and M. Harlow (eds.), Interdisciplinary Studies in Textiles and Dress in Antiquity, Oxford.

In press. “Pontic Inhabitants at Gordion? Pots, People, and Plans of Houses at Middle Phrygian through Early Hellenistic Gordion,” in C. B. Rose (ed.), The Archaeology of Phrygian Gordion, University of Pennsylvania Museum.

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2006. Contributions to P. Scherrer and E. Trinkl (Eds.), Die Tetragonos Agora in Ephesos, Forschungen in Ephesos. Band XIII/2. Vienna.

“Transport Amphoras from Well S-AB and the Basins,” 132-139

Co-author with P. Scherrer, E. Trinkl and G. Forstenpointner, “Die Brunnenverfüllung: Analyse und Datierung,” 142-146

Co-author with P. Scherrer and E. Trinkl, “Datierung der Beckenanlagen,” 146

“Amphoras and Economic History,” 253-255

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Conference papers, forthcoming or in press

In press. Co-author with Elizabeth Greene, “Transport amphorae and economic information: A view from the early Greek world,” in D. Carlson et al. (eds.), Tradition and Transition: Maritime Studies in the Wake of the Byzantine Shipwreck at Yassiada, Turkey, College Station TX. [The paper is now with the editors for publication].

In press. “Stamps of the Troad: Addressing the problem of a rare practice in a small system,” paper delivered at the International Congress, Analysis and Uses of Greek Amphora Stamps, French School at Athens, February 3-5, 2010 [The paper is now with the editors for publication].

In press. “Transport amphoras, tribute and trade,” Paper delivered at the workshop, Handels- und Finanzgebaren in der Ägais im 5 Jh. v. Chr., May 31-June 2 2010, Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Istanbul. [The paper has been submitted for publication in 2011]

Paper delivered in 2008, now under revision. Lead author, with P. Guldager Bilde, L. Bjerg, S. Handberg, J.M. Højte, N.A. Lejpunskaja, V.F. Stolba, “The Lower City of Olbia: Occupation and abandonment in the 2nd century BC,” paper delivered at the conference Pottery, People and Places: Study and Interpretation of Late Hellenistic Pottery, Sandberg Estate, Denmark.

Paper delivered in 2007, now under revision. “Marion necropolis, Tomb 80: Amphora trade in Cyprus in the 6th through 4th centuries B.C.E.,” in M. Lawall and J. Lund (eds.), The transport amphorae and trade of Cyprus.

In press, as co-author with Tamas Bezeczky, “Studying Globalization in the Roman Economy? A brief note on interpreting the Late Roman amphorae at Ephesus (late fourth through sixth centuries AD),” in J. Poblome (ed.), From Amphorae to Modeling the Late Roman Economy. 18 pages, 50% of text and all of formatting and editing for submission.

In Press. “Lesbos between East and West: Patterns of Commerce Between the Aegean Sea, Inner Anatolia,and the Black Sea 550-400 B.C.,” in G. Tsetskhladze and J. Boardman (eds.) First International Pontic Conference: Greeks and Romans in the Black Sea and the importance of the Pontic Region for the Graeco-Roman World (7th c. BC -5th c. AD). British Archaeological Reports International Series. Oxford. [note May 2008 – it seems unlikely now that this volume will ever be published]

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Encyclopaedia article

2010. “Amphora,” in M. Gagarin and E. Fantham (eds.) The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome, Oxford University Press, 94-99.

Unpublished Papers (Conferences and Public Lectures)

2012. “Visualizing Ancient Exchange: Superstore or Street Market?” paper delivered at the annual meeting of the Classical Association of the Canadian West, Victoria.

2011 “Transport Amphoras as Evidence for Motivation and Market Behavior in the Economies of Classical and Hellenistic Greece,” at the conference Beyond Self-Sufficiency: Households, City-States and Markets in the Ancient Greek World, Durham University, July 2011.

2011 “Another view of distribution: Changes in regional and long-distance amphora distribution in the 5th century BC,” at the conference Beyond Self-Sufficiency: Households, City-States and Markets in the Ancient Greek World, Durham University, July 2011.

2011. Poster co-authored with I. Kowallek. “Ephesos before and after Alexander. Stratified pottery assemblages of the 4th and 3rd centuries BC from the Meter sanctuary and the settlement on Panayirdağ,” for presentation at Keramos. An International Symposium on Ceramics: A Cultural Approach. Ege University, Izmir, Turkey, May 9-13, 2011.

2011. “Blurry edges: Transport Amphoras and Economic Zones in the Eastern Mediterranean ca. 550-100 BC,” Keynote address. People and Peripheries: Living on the Edge. 6th Canadian Institute in Greece Graduate student conference, co-sponsored by and held at the University of Victoria. March 18-19 2011.

2011. “Complicating the Archaeological Record. Recycling Pottery in the Ancient Mediterranean,” paper delivered at the conference Recycling the Roman World, Winnipeg, April 2 2011.

2010. M. Lawall and A. M. Berlin, “Sacred Meals in the Ceramic Record,” Paper delivered at the conference, Divinely Dining: Banqueting in Honour of the Gods, July 7-9 2010, Christchurch NZ.

2009. “Getting along in the market: Archaeological traces of the avoidance of violence,” paper delivered at the annual meeting of the Classical Association of the Canadian West, Winnipeg.

Fall 2009. Classical Association of Canada Lecturer: Lectures at Laval University, McGill, Concordia, Ottawa University, Carleton, Queens, York, Toronto, Wilfrid Laurier, Brock, Western Ontario, McMaster.

Topics for these lectures:

·         “So there are prices and markets, so what? Archaeological efforts to advance debates over ancient economies”.

·         “Ancient Global Trade: Interpreting and misinterpreting patterns of trade in the archaeological record”

·         “An amphora, a statue and a very small temple: Amphoras and the architectural history of the Athenian Agora”

2008. “Ancient packaging, Ancient brands: Transport amphoras and the study of ancient markets,” public lecture at the National Museum in Copenhagen to inaugurate the research program Pots, potters and society in ancient Greece.

2008. “An amphora, a statue, and a very small temple: An archaeological problem in early Hellenistic Athens,” public lecture for the Classical Archaeology Institute, University of Aarhus.

2008. “Commemoration in the Athenian Agora: An Unidentified Monument Revisited,” paper delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of the Candian West, Edmonton.

2007. “Transport amphorae and economic information,” Paper delivered at a conference in honor of George Bass and Frederick Van Doorninck, Tradition and Transition: Maritime Studies in the Wake of the Byzantine Shipwreck at Yassiada, Turkey, College Station TX Nov. 2-4, 2007.

2007. “The importance of what is absent: Comparing amphoras found at Olbia Pontica with sites in the Aegean,” Public lecture at the Canadian Institute in Greece, Athens, April 25 2007.

2007. Invited lectures at the Universities of Lund, Stockholm, Uppsala, and Göteborg, Sweden, April 13-20, 2007: “The current state of research on Greek transport amphoras: Makers and chronologies,” “Patterns of imports to Athens and shipping around the Aegean, ca. 500-100 BC,” and “Archaic through Hellenistic Aegean amphoras in the Eastern Mediterranean.”

2007. “Confidence in Consumers? Explaining Overland Shipping to Galatian Gordion,” delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, San Diego, CA, January 2007.

2006. “Transport amphoras and loomweights: Evidence for integrating elements of household economies,” Classical Association of the Canadian West Annual Meeting, Saskatoon.

2006. “Citizenship and Empire in Mediterranean antiquity,” Roundtable on Citizenship and Imperialism, in the series Thinking Through Imperialism, January 2006.

2006. “Ionian renaissance: Late fifth and fourth century BC amphora types in the eastern Aegean,” Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, Montreal.

2005. “Beyond National Geographic: The dusty and dirty archaeology of ancient maritime trade.” Public Lecture for the Calgary Mediterranean Society, Calgary.

2005. “Transport amphoras and the ‘barbarized’ economy: Asia Minor between Persia and Athens, ca. 550- ca. 350 BC.” Lecture delivered at University of Texas Austin, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, and Copenhagen University.

2005. “Getting a date and beyond: Transport amphoras in shipwrecks and scrappy sherds on land.” Invited lecture, University of Texas A&M Program in Nautical Archaeology. February 15 2005.

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2000. “Punic Amphoras and the Romanization of Athens?” paper delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of the Canadian West, March 2000.

1999. Invited panelist for 1999 AIA conference workshop panel “Economics and Archaeologists” organized by D. Jones, University of Tennessee, and E. Lyding Will, University of Massachusetts - Amherst.

1999. “Rhodian Amphora Stamps in Context: The Pergamon Deposit,” at the Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of the Canadian West, Feb. 1999.

1999. “Cheating, Small Business, and Cross-Border Shopping in the Greek World,” invited lecture at the University of Cincinnati, January 21 1999.

1998. Organizer and chair of panel discussion, “Seeing Trees and Forests: Specialists, Generalists and Project Directors,” at the 1998 Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, Washington D.C.

1997. “Reading Pottery: The history of an Athenian wineshop during the Peloponnesian War,” public lecture for the Classical Association of Manitoba/ Archaeological Institute of America. November 1997.

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1994. “‘In small things forgotten’: loomweights and the Classical polis,” paper delivered Feb. 28, 1994 at Bryn Mawr College.

1993. “The Classical textile industry: Steps toward a study of the construction of gender in Antiquity,” paper delivered March 2, 1993 at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens.  

Newsletter articles

2002. “The amphora and ancient commerce,” Amphora 1, 4-5.

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