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Dr. Greg Bak is an Associate Professor of Archival Studies in the Department of History, University of Manitoba. His teaching and research focuses on archival decolonization, digital archives and the history of digital culture. Before coming to Manitoba in 2011, Greg was a Senior Digital Archivist at Library and Archives Canada. Among the major projects he has contributed to are Library and Archives Canada's Trusted Digital Repository; the University of Manitoba's successful bid to become stewards of the records of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada on Indigenous Residential Schools; and as a board member of the University of Manitoba's Next Generation Web Experience project.

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Dr. Greg Bak
Associate Professor
Office: 247 St. John's College
Phone: (204) 272-1578



Dr. Tom Nesmith is a Professor Emeritus (retired) in the Department of History, University of Manitoba. Prior to his appointment at the University of Manitoba in 1990, he had been an archivist at the National Archives of Canada since 1978. He worked there in both the private manuscript and government records areas of the archives. He was editor of Archivaria, the journal of the Association of Canadian Archivists from 1984 to 1986. Among many editing and publication activities, he is both editor of and a contributing author to Canadian Archival Studies and the Rediscovery of Provenance (1993), a joint publication of the Association of Canadian Archivists and the Society of American Archivists. He holds a Ph.D in Canadian history from Carleton University.

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Dr. Tom Nesmith
Professor Emeritus (retired)




Greg Bak, History MA in Archvial Studies, University of Manitoba

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