Archival Program

Group photo of 2020 JMP Archival Studies class and professors around a seminar table.

Archival Studies Class 2019-2020. From left to right: Alexandra Moreau, Ashley Scher, Trevor Dyck, Scott Price, Tom Nesmith, Carly Roberts, Sharon Humphrey, Eunjung Park, Greg Bak


The curriculum follows the Association of Canadian Archivists' guidelines for curricula in master's programs in archival studies. The archival field of study has six components:

  1. study of the history of recorded communication (focusing on the evolution of archival records and the perspectives archivists bring to the study of recorded communication);
  2. study of archival institutions and functions;
  3. study of history;
  4. an opportunity for work experience in archives (through the internship);
  5. research in archival studies (mainly through a thesis);
  6. an elective in an area of study (usually outside history) which provides knowledge which archivists need; students typically take an elective in administrative studies or computer systems management from the Faculty of Management at the University of Manitoba.

First Year Requirements: three required graduate courses:

  • HIST: 7372: History of Archiving and Archival Records);
  • HIST: 7382: Archiving in the Digital Age;
  • HIST: 7390: Internship in Archival Studies;
  • and a history course (faculty).

Second Year Requirements: thesis in archival studies;
and an elective in one of either public administration, management studies, media studies, computer science or other subject which reinforces thesis research.


Archival studies students obtain an M.A. in history through successful completion of a curriculum devoted to archival studies.