Association for Manitoba Archives Thesis of Distinction Award

Winners of the thesis prize between 1994 and 2003 were judged by the selection committee (Chair, Association for Manitoba Archives, Head, University of Manitoba Department of Archives and Special Collections, and the Archivist of Manitoba) to have written the best thesis completed in the Archival Studies program in a given calendar year. Those who have won the prize after 2003 have done so on receiving the designation "pass with distinction" from their thesis examination committee.  

Past winners are:

2020 Samantha Booth "The Role of Archives in Indigenous Language Maintenance and Resurgence"
2020 Jason Carrie "Archives of the North, by the North, for the North: The Meaning, Value, and Challenges of Creating, Keeping and Running Archives in the Canadian Territories"
2020 Christopher Calesso "At the Intersection of Archives, Human Rights and Museums: The Canadian Museum for Human Rights and Its Archives"
2020 Christopher Kshyk "Transparency and Access to Records at Intergovernmental Organizations: IAEA and NATO"
2017 Sarah Story "Offering our Gifts, Partnering for Change: Decolonizing Experimentation in Winnipeg-based Settler Archives"
2017 Jesse Boiteau "The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation and the Pursuit of Archival Decolonization"
2017 Mary Horodyski "'Society Seems Like it Doesn’t Even Know…': Archival Records Regarding People Labelled with Intellectual Disability Who Have Been Institutionalized in Manitoba"
2016 Amanda Linden “The Advocate’s Archive: Walter Rudnicki and the Fight for Indigenous Rights in Canada, 1955-2010”
2016 Sarah Ramsden "Defining ‘Community’ in Models of Community Archives: Navigating the Politics of Representation as Archival Professionals"
2015 Natalie Vielfaure “Medical Records Redefined: The Value of the Archival Record in Medical Research”
2014 Jordan Bass "Getting personal: confronting the challenges of archiving personal records in the digital age"
2013 Daniel Elves "Advocating electronic records: archival and records management promotion of new approaches to long-term digital preservation"
2012 Konrad Krahn "Looking under the hood: unraveling the content, structure, and context of functional requirements for electronic recordkeeping systems"
2012 Madeleine McLuhan-Myers "The archival web: contextual authority files and the representation of institutional textual documents in online description"
2011 M. Anne Lindsay "Archives, Willard Ireland, Regina v. White and Bob, and Calder v. the Attorney General of British Columbia, 1963-1973, and the Expansion of Aboriginal Rights in Canada"
2010 Not Awarded  
2009 Alicia Rekrut "Reconnecting Mind and Matter: Materiality in Archival Theory and Practice"
2008 Not Awarded  
2007  Heather Beattie " 'The Texture of the Everyday': Appraising the Values of Women's Diaries and Weblogs"
2007 Katherine Timms "Arbitrary Borders? New Partnerships for Cultural Heritage Siblings - Libraries, Archives and Museums: Creating Integrated Descriptive Systems"
2006 Diane Boyd “Franco-Manitoban Memory Online: ‘Au pays de Riel’ as a Case Study in Archival Public Programming”
2006 Charlotte Woodley

"Nature’s Memory: Building an Appraisal Strategy for Ontario Provinicial Parks, Algonquin Provincial Park as a Case Study"

2003 Bronwen Quarry "Photo-graph/Writing with Light: the Challenge to Archivists of Reading Photographs"
2002 Karyn Taylor "From Paper to Cyberspace: Changing Communication Technologies and the Implications for Personal Records Archivists"
2001 Kara Quann "Remapping Archives: Cartographic Archives in Theory and Practice at the Provincial Archives of Manitoba"
2000 Martha McLeod "Redrawing the Boundaries of Societal Memory: Introducing a Modified Macro-Appraisal Approach at the Great-West Life Assurance and the London Life Insurance Companies"
1999 Kathleen Epp "Telling Stories Around the 'Electronic Campfire': The Use of Archives in Television Productions"
1998  David Horky "Archival Perspectives on the Evolution and Organizational Impact of E-Mail System Technologies"
1997 Mark Vajcner "Maintaining Our Documentary Heritage: The Challenge of Electronic Records Archives at the University of Manitoba"
1996 Not Awarded  
1995 Brian Masschaele "Memos and Minutes: Arnold Heeney, the Cabinet War Committee and the Establishment of the Canadian Cabinet Secretariat During the Second World War"
1994 Deidre Simmons "Custodians of a Great Inheritance: An Account of the Making of the Hudson's Bay Company Archives, 1920-1974"